Delhi Weekend Getaways is an endeavor to provide to the passionate tourist not just a weekend getaway hotel or destination but to provide complete vacations and travel packages with proper planning for every destination where one gets full information. These tour packages for vacations have been planned by professionals with over three decades of experience in smooth planning of large group movement. The vacation tour package for a particular destination can be selected with transportation or without transportation according to your choice and convenience. Information regarding distance has also been provided to make it easy to choose the tour destination for your vacation. Day trips, one night tours, adventure camps, wildlife tour packages, Vacation Packages, religious trips, picnic destinations, village tourism a whole lot of choices with complete planning have been provided. The hotels and resort s being offered by us in the vacation tour packages in all the destinations have been hand selected keeping in mind the comforts of our guests. The properties have been segregated for both budget and luxury traveler. Delhi is the gateway for short tours, trips, Vacation Packages and getaway destinations as close by there are hill stations, heritage hotels, wildlife sanctuaries, all inside a few hundred kms. A couple of hours driving to your destination can change the complete scene and take one far away from the daily grind for a Vacation Package with a difference. Student tours, conferences corporate trips/seminars, Vacation Packages and training programs are something we specialize in. Planning an outing to your selected destination with us is comfortable and problem-free, just a piece of cake. Choose your destination. Select a tour package for the destination. Drop us a query, send a mail, or just call us up. All your particular needs and requirements will be taken care of by us and the tour program/Vacation Packages will be tailored according to you.

The most exciting part of Delhi Weekend Getaways are the offbeat destinations and getaways we are offering as most of them provide low-impact tourism as we are gravely bothered about the wellbeing of India’s hills. A large number getaway destinations near Delhi came into existence because of the enterprise of a nature lover who built a cottage in the mountains or put up a camp in the wilderness
A wonderful destination for honeymoon, a dreamy weekend destinations for a short trip from Delhi a student group or corporate training program. Not even the grand Himalayan ranges will resist the destructive effects of global warming. Tread as lightly as the humblest pilgrim. Take away nothing but memories.


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Dreams Island on the banks of Damdama Lake is the perfect place for people with an urge for adventure
Camp Kalsi is a beautiful campsite situated on the banks of the mountain stream KALSA in Chanfi near Padampuri 30 Kms from Nainital
Damdama Dreams is a like a tale from fairy tales. Damdama Dreams on the banks of Damdama Lake is a place where you can give shape to your dreams.
Complete tour packages for short cultural, Historical, Wildlife, Adventure and nature tours in hill stations for a weekend getaways from Delhi
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