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Delhi Weekend getaways offers you, a superb blend of beauty of nature, elegant history of thousand years and the evidence of ancient Indian Art and Culture. Therte is so much variation in the destinations offered some locations situated on the top of small mount while others are in the middle of a lake or maybe in the lap of Hills amidst the dense forest or on the Mall road as per your choice all making for an unforgettable experience for all seasons.
While visiting at one of the heritage sites we offer, you would definitely go back to a bygone era in history and see how the Indian Culture and Traditions have evolved. Here you would find an amalgamation of modern amenities maintained in ancient style.
In fact the nature trips that we offer, you will find are recharging you. The fragrant and fresh air on the hills would recharge your mind and your body will absorb all the five essential elements of nature that the human body is made of: the Earth, Sky, Water, Air & Fire. You will not be in the middle of nature but you will become a part of nature yourself. At different destinations Dawn to Dusk, you will hear the musical and melodious voices of a variety of birds and animals coming from the dense and mountainous forest. You may also hear some excerpts of folk music being sung by some solitary reaper at a far off place.
There are heavenly destinations if you like to spend some time in tranquility and close to nature.




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Dreams Island on the banks of Damdama Lake is the perfect place for people with an urge for adventure
Camp Kalsi is a beautiful campsite situated on the banks of the mountain stream KALSA in Chanfi near Padampuri 30 Kms from Nainital
Damdama Dreams is a like a tale from fairy tales. Damdama Dreams on the banks of Damdama Lake is a place where you can give shape to your dreams.
Nainital Tour Packages
Nainital is a glittering jewel in the Himalyan necklace, blessed with scenic natural spledour and varied natural resources .
Damdama Lake Day Picnic near Delhi Damdama Lake Gurgaon