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HIMALAYAS are very well-known for the variety of its very nature and existence, a well-known travel destination for the sport visitors desperate to scale new levels and undertake travel - backpacking trips, on a religious path millions hold the great himalayas in high respect and take pilgrimage to various pilgrim centers and himalayan wats or temples, family mountain place visitors head towards the foothills seeking some getting rid of summer season heat of flatlands...

The Shiwalik or lower Himalayas made up of smaller mountains, many of India's mountain channels are situated on this range. The climate differs from subtropical in the foothills to alpine at the higher levels of these mountain.

Spending a vacation at a mountain place in Native india guarantees a lot and provides a lot of fun. An element of romantic endeavors is sure to immerse you while you feast your eyes on remarkable scenery, magnificent waterways and a breathtaking plants and creatures. Native indian hill stations vary from 600 m to 3,500 m above sea stage. Mostly, it were the British who discovered and developed the mountain stations and used them for their summer season trips. But today, not only during summer season season months, but also in winter seasons people head to the mountain stations to encounter the cool and relish the snow.
Dehradun and Mussoorie are some of the most well-known mountain stations in the country. These mountain stations are in the Uttaranchal in the green foothills of the Himalayas. Shimla, Nainital and Manali are some of the other renowned mountain stations of north India. Darjeeling in West Bengal is located at an level of 2,134 m above sea level, increasing numbers of visitors from far and wide. Ooty and Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu are the most famous hill stations of southern India. Rajasthan too has a hill station, Mount Abu. Though it is the only mountain place in the Aravli Ranges, it provides a cool setting in the Rajasthan desert weather. Ranikhet, Srinagar, Kullu and Manali are the other popular hill stations.


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